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Home > Affiliate Program is a world leader in the area of fast anonymous shared proxies. What makes us stand out is how our prices are so very affordable, and yet we don't skip out on quality or reliability. With over eight years experience, for so many is the provider they can trust. That is why it makes sense to become part of our affiliate program.

20% Commission Recurring

Thank you. You guys rock! - David C.

Our affiliate program offers you 20% commission every month for every user you refer to our service through your affiliate link. This means you will very quickly be earning some great cash.

90-Day Cookie

When a person comes to our site through your affiliate link, we store a 90-day cookie in their browser so that if they return to our site within the next 90 days even via another way, you will still receive the commission from their purchase.

State of the art Control Panel

Our affiliate control panel has been custom-built from the ground up to give you real-time statistics of when a person clicks through your affiliate link or signs up to our service.

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