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Do you want the anonymity of private proxies, but don't want to break the bank? This is where comes in. We offer cheap shared proxies, while maintaining the quality, speed and reliability of them. We do this by limiting the number of users of each proxy to only 10.

So basically when you buy one of our plans, you are getting semi-private proxies. We enforce the 10 user limit by only allowing certain IPs to access the proxies. This makes sure no one can share the proxies with more users than the 10 limit that we have imposed.

Fully Anonymous

Our proxies are fully anonymous, protecting your IP completely. We ensure that the proxies we supply are non-sequential, and most of our plans offer multiple subnets. These proxies can be used for basically anything you'd like, whether it be for Scrapebox, Twitter, Facebook, Social Bookmarking, etc.

Instant Activiation

It is very annoying to pay for a service and then have to wait days for it to finally arrive. Not so with The moment you purchase one of the plans below, your proxy IPs will be automatically allocated to your account. This means you can use your IPs immediately. has been in business since 2012, so we are a stable and trusted proxy provider.

Fast Shared Proxies
Lightning Fast Speeds
Dedicated 100Mbps/1000Mbps Connections
Proxies are Semi-Private
Shared with MAX 10 Users
Ensuring Speed is Maintained
Multiple Subnet Proxies
Diverse IP Ranges
Hosted in various cities across the USA
Shared Proxies with Support
Outstanding Support
Available 7 days a week.
Real Time Proxy Server Monitoring
Real-time Server Monitoring
We keep a close eye on our servers
Instant Proxy Change
Replace Proxies Instantly
You can instantly replace dead proxies
Switch Proxies
Switch your Proxies Monthly
Instantly with a click of a button
Port 80 access
Proxy Access via Port 80
Ensuring no firewall issues


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10 Proxies


$0.80 per proxy

3 subnets
Unlimited Bandwidth
Instant Setup

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40 Proxies


$0.65 per proxy

7 subnets
Unlimited Bandwidth
Instant Setup

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100 Proxies


$0.50 per proxy

11 subnets
Unlimited Bandwidth
Instant Setup

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500 Proxies


$0.45 per proxy

19 subnets
Unlimited Bandwidth
Instant Setup

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All Plans

Proxies Price Subnets Unlimited Bandwidth Instant Setup
10 $8 3 Buy Now
20 $14 5 Buy Now
40 $26 7 Buy Now
65 $39 9 Buy Now
100 $50 11 Buy Now
200 $98 14 Buy Now
300 $141 16 Buy Now
500 $225 19 Buy Now
1,000 $390 22 Buy Now
1,500 $510 25 Buy Now
2,000 $640 35 Buy Now
3,000 $930 50 Buy Now
4,000 $1,160 65 Buy Now
6,000 $1,440 85 Buy Now
8,500 $1,870 130 Buy Now
10,000 $2,100 180 Buy Now
13,000 $2,470 225 Buy Now
16,000 $2,821 255 Buy Now

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